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Representation, conduct of the Negotiations

Employment, dismissal, disciplinary sanctions

The right to work is one of the fundamental human rights that is enforced by the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania. An employee is an individual with legal capacity….

Representation at bailiff’s office during recovery

The representation is civil legal relationship that arises between representative and the one who’s being represented. A bailiff shall be a person authorised by the State, empowered by it to…

Representation in state and municipal institutions

Relationship of representation arises when, on behalf of interest of the person, legal actions are performed by other person, a representative. Representatives act on behalf of the representative and so…

Representation of Employer / Employee in Lithuania

Employers and employees may acquire, change, waive or defend labour rights through the entities representing them. Employees and employers may be represented both in collective and individual labour relations. Representation in…

Labor Law

Labor legal relationships – specific social relationships for which subordination is typical. Subjects of such relationships are employer and employee, as well as organizations representing employees and employers. Full legal…