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Areas of activity

Paternity (Maternity) challenging questions

Data on the mother or father of a child contained in the record of the child’s birth may be contested only in court. Data on the mother or father of…

Parental identification

Where the child is born out of wedlock, and in the absence of paternal acknowledgement, paternity affiliation may be determined by the court. Where a child is born to a…

Family legal services in Lithuania

We provide these family law related legal services: Questions on divorce   A marriage may be dissolved by the mutual consent of the spouses, on the application of one of…

Representation of Public or Legal Person in court, protecting the interests of Public or Legal Person

The representation is civil legal relationship that arises between representative and the one who’s being represented. Individuals can conduct their cases in court either by themselves or through their representatives….

Debt collection and prevention in Lithuania

The success of Your activities is directly dependent on the ability of Your debtors to timely pay for the goods and services provided. In order to be certain about the…

Virtual office in Lithuania

Virtual Office is an effective tool for organizing important meetings. We provide spacious, neat facilities in the convenient place of Vilnius City with all necessary office equipment. The office will…