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Formation of an association in Lithuania

Formation of an association in Lithuania

An association in Lithuania shall be a public legal person of limited civil liability who has its name and whose purpose is to coordinate activities of the association members, to represent interests of the association members and to defend them or to meet other public interests.

Competent natural persons who have reached 18 years of age and (or) legal persons, having concluded a memorandum of association, may form an association. The minimum number of founders of an association shall be three. All founders shall sign a memorandum of association. All founders of an association shall become members of this association from registration of the association in the Lithuanian Register of Legal Persons.

Start and complete formation of an association in Lithuania

Must-have documents and other information required in order to start and complete formation of an association in Lithuania:
The memorandum of association must show:
1) the founders (names, surnames, personal numbers and addresses of natural persons; names, registered offices, codes of legal persons; names and surnames or names, personal numbers (codes) of the founders’ representatives;
2) the name of an association which is beings formed;
3) the date of conclusion of the memorandum of association.
The memorandum of association in Lithuania may also show:
1) property and non-property obligations of the founders, procedure and time limits of execution thereof;
2) the procedure for compensating formation-related expenses;
3) the procedure of settlement of disputes between the founders;
4) the persons who have the right to represent an association that is being formed, their rights and powers;
5) the procedure for convening a founding meeting and taking decisions thereof;
6) other provisions which are in compliance with other laws.

An association must be registered in the Lithuanian Register of Legal Persons in accordance with the procedure laid down by legal acts. An association shall be considered registered from the moment of its registration in the Register of Legal Persons.
It shall be possible to register an association if the memorandum of association has been concluded, the founding meeting has been convened, the statutes of the association have been adopted and at least one management body has been set up, and other obligations laid down in the memorandum of association have been carried out.